Fear over cholera outbreak in Blouberg

Katlego Suzan Phala (MPL)

DA Constituency Head for Blouberg:

Today , the DA has laid a charge with the Human Rights Commission following the shocking discovery that the residents of Ga-Hlako and the surrounding areas under Blouberg Municipality are at risk of being diagnosed with cholera after drinking contaminated water (Click here) on a daily basis.

During an oversight visit , the DA has noted that the local municipality has failed to provide clean running water to the residents for the last five years despite allocating more than R80 million for water provision for the last three financial years.

In the same area, the municipality drilled boreholes and installed water tankers in 2014 but the tankers were only filled with the water until December last year.

Now the residents are forced to risk their lives by sharing water with animals in the rivers and streams while others have to purchase water.

The municipality is aware of the water crisis but still fails to fill water tankers as an interim measures. Sharing water with animals is a clear violation of human rights and deserves to be investigated with immediate effect by the commission.

We will further take samples of the water to a local laboratory to check if the water is suitable for human consumption and escalate the matter the Ministers of Water, Nomvula Mokonyane.

The DA is currently undertaking rigorous oversight visits to communities across the province to assess the impact of the water crisis our people face.