Illegal EFF land grabs an obstacle to land reform and development

Roy Jankielsohn

Leader of the Official Opposition in the Free State Provincial Legislature:

The DA condemns the EFF for persisting with its illegal occupation of land programme under the banner of land reform. Land is an extremely emotive issue and should not be exploited for political gain and expediency.

We will hold Premier Ace Magashule’s government to its promises that no illegal land grabs in the Free State will be tolerated.

The EFF unashamedly exploit the desperation of the poor and the destitute in order to advance its own selfish party political agenda. It is reported that the EFF wilfully encouraged landless and destitute people to illegally occupy land in the Mangaung Metro with scant regard for the consequences that may follow.

It is unfortunate the EFF is using the poor and destitute as political fodder.

The behaviour by the EFF undermines the already delayed land reform process. It slows down housing developments and further extends the delays of the rollout of housing opportunities to beneficiaries already on long waiting lists.

The DA firmly believes that vacant State-owned urban land should be unlocked for developments that will not only address housing shortages, but also serve to integrate our cities in a bid to reverse the effects of Apartheid-era spatial planning.

The ANC’s approach to land reform has failed. The EFF’s approach to land reform is utterly destructive and will bring nothing but misery to an already desperate group of people within our society.

The DA is the only party with the policies and plans that will successfully address the land question in South Africa. Where we govern in the Western Cape the DA promotes land reform that empowers beneficiaries and the programmes serves to promote economic development resulting in job creation.

The land issue must be addressed in a manner that is rational and constitutional. Any other way, like the illegal occupation land, will only serve to create new injustices, extend suffering and delay true land reform.