Political purge of Blouberg Ward Committee member

Charles Keetse

DA Councillor – Blouberg Municipality:

The Democratic Alliance condemns the use of Ward Committee positions as ANC patronage.

Blouberg Municipality Mayor Sekgoloane must take action against the Municipal Speaker, Maria Thamaga, and ward councillor, Johanna Rangata for firing a ward committee member illegally, in a political purge.

When Cllr Rangata discovered that ward committee member, Ms Pauline Sehata, does not support Rangata’s political faction , she vowed to stop her stipend and to replace her.

Blouberg Speaker Thamaga then stopped Ms Sehata’s stipend, and supported her dismissal. Ms Sehata has not received her stipend for the past three months.

According to the rules for the election and establishment of ward committees, a ward committee member can only be removed if he /she dies, voluntarily  resigns, or fails to execute the duties of the committee – and removal must not be politically motivated.

It is clear that there is a political agenda behind the member’s removal, and this is a direct violation of the law.

The DA urges the Mayor to summon the Speaker and the ward councillor to appear before the Ethics committee and to reinstate Ms Sehata on the ward committee with back pay immediately.