Report indicates “weaknesses” in the appointment of by-law officials in Mbombela

Werner le Grange:

DA Chief Whip – Mbombela local municipality:

The Democratic Alliance has proved that “irregular appointments of by-law officials at Mbombela municipality were carried out. A report which was recently released by the municipality, to the council, highlights weaknesses in the recruitment and selection process.

In December last year, the DA requested Mayor, Sibusiso Mathonsi, to investigate allegations against Municipal Manager, Noko Seanego and several other officials after they were implicated in a scandal. Seanego and these officials allegedly handpicked 24 ANC cadres from Ehlanzeni District, some who reportedly have criminal records, for posts of by-law officials, without going through the necessary processes.

This matter is also with the office of the public protector and the public service commission after much publicity. This report will hopefully further assist these institutions with their own investigations.

The DA trusts that the exposure of these officials will ensure that future appointments by any staff member at the municipality will be made on merit and not by political affiliation.

The DA will ask Mayor Mathonsi to provide council with an action plan at the next council meeting on how he plans to address the findings of this investigation and to make the report public for the sake of transparency.