Vhembe water crisis – DA submits petition to Mayor

Vhathu Mulaudzi

DA Councillor – Vhembe District Municipality:

The DA has submitted a petition to the Mayor of Vhembe District, with hundreds of signatures of residents affected by an ongoing water crisis in the area.

For almost three years residents in villages such as Mandala Tishamugana, Tfhikombani Tfhifhena, Masisi, Muswodi,  Folovhodwe have been without water.

The Vhembe District has failed to solve a massive crisis despite a budget of R605 million to address the water crisis in 2014/2015 financial year.

Last year Vhembe District announced that infrastructure and 7,000 prepaid water meters would be connected before the end of September 2014, but the projected has not yet started.

All these promises were made before the national elections and it’s clear that they were just cheap tricks to win votes.

The DA petition is to urge the Executive Mayor to urgently provide water tankers for the residents as an interim relief measure.

If the Mayor fails to initiate plans to provide water, the DA will move for the suspension of failing officials in Vhembe.