ANC defeats motion to end strike at Rob Ferreira Hospital

By Jane Sithole MPL, DA Chief Whip:

The following motion was delivered in the Mpumalanga Legislature today by DA Chief Whip, Jane Sithole MPL,

I hereby rise to move a motion without notice on behalf of the Democratic Alliance

Noting Hon. Speaker that:

Administrative staff at Rob Ferreira hospital has reportedly been on strike since 06:00 this morning and have not assisted a single patient with files or admittance into the hospital.

Staff has reportedly resorted to striking action due to non-functional toilets, dysfunctional and lack of computers, no adequate furniture and equipment which they need in order to perform their daily tasks.

Further noting Hon. Speaker that:

Rob Ferreira Hospital is one of the two tertiary hospitals in the Province, which provides specialised medical services to the residents of Mpumalanga.

Hon. Speaker, I move that:

This house compels the Provincial Department of Health to intervene as a matter of urgency in resolving the conflict between administrative staff and the hospital management.

I further move that the Mpumalanga Government must intervene to ensure that no patient goes unattended to avoid any loss of life.

I so move

Astonishingly, this motion was unanimously defeated by the ANC in Legislature, denying critical patients the medical care that they deserve.  This is a blatant indication that the ANC does not care about the residents of Mpumalanga.  The ANC has completely lost touch with what is expected of them as a governing body and in so doing, people are suffering