ANC’s complete disregard for transparent accountability

By Denis Joseph MPP, DA Spokesperson on the Conduct Committee:

For the second consecutive year, ANC members failed to comply with the deadline to disclose their interests as stipulated in the Code of Conduct for Members of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament and as they are constitutionally bound to.

Guided by the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa as well as the Constitution of the Western Cape, the Code of Conduct stipulates in section 11(1), “A Member must disclose to the Registrar, on the form prescribed for this purpose by the Conduct Committee, particulars of all his or her registrable interests”. Section 11(2) specifies the time period for this disclosure as “Disclosure of registrable interests shall be within 60 days after the first sitting of a parliamentary term or appointment of a Member”. This 60 day deadline for the second year of the current term was 30 April 2015.

The Leader of the Opposition, Marius Fransman and Member Trudy Dijana failed to submit their declaration of interests on time as they were only received by the Registrar’s office on 5 and 7 May 2015, respectively. It is shocking, yet not surprising that the Leader of the Opposition, Marius Fransman does not exercise due diligence in the performance of his official duties. Shocking to say the least because as the Leader, Fransman should set the example for not only his caucus but the public he supposedly serves. However, his complete disregard to be held accountable is not surprising as he has flouted the integrity of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament on several occasions. Failing to appear before the Standing Committee on Public Accounts is one such case.

This deliberate violation of the Code of Conduct is a smack in the face of the Constitution, the Western Cape Provincial Parliament and the public of the Western Cape, whom Fransman is accountable to. The DA will not tolerate this maladministration and supports the Conduct Committee’s decision to write to the members requesting reasons for their failure to submit on time. Based on their responses, the committee will decide on action to be taken, if necessary.

Where the DA governs, we govern well.