Baptism of fire for the new MEC for Education

By Jacques Smalle MPL, DA Provincial Spokesperson on Education:

The late appointed of the new MEC for Education, Ishmael Kgetjepe , is a direct result that norms and standards to all the rural schools across the province were not paid since the begin of this academic year.

The DA has noted that more than ten No fees-schools in Blouberg Municipality are struggling financially to run their schools on the daily basis due to the department’s failure to pay the funding timorously.

Schools such as Phumatla , Makangwane , Moloko, Senwabarwana and Mohlakeng high schools around Blouberg are owing local businesses, their educators and parents money after these schools opted to seek financial assistance for operational costs hoping that the funds will be paid.

The mid-year exams scheduled to commence today might be placed on hold as these schools have no resources to print out the examination papers.

According to National Norms and Standards for the financial year 2014/15, the national department allocates R1 108.00 per learner and this money is the only source of income to quintile 1 to 3 schools.

The DA believes that there might be more schools across the province that were not paid their norms and standards funds and therefore MEC Kgetjepe must urgently intervene to ensure that the midyear exams proceeds without any hiccups.