Federal congress a highlight for NC

By Andrew Louw, MPL, DA Provincial Leader:

The Democratic Alliance in the Northern Cape wants to congratulate every leader that has been elected at the federal congress. We look forward to working hand-in-glove with the federal office and to making the leaders accessible to the voters in the province.

Now that our leaders have been elected, every member of the DA in the province will rally behind them 100%. We respect the outcomes of the election process that was followed. It was a democratic, transparent process.

We are thrilled about the award we won as best performing province.

The Northern Cape won the third place for best performing province at the federal congress of the Democratic Alliance. The award recognises the hard work, incredible effort and dedication that went into the

2014 general election campaign. This award was not won by one person.

It was won by every person who contributed to the campaign effort of the DA in the province. It is a recognition of the time and effort put in by each one of our constituency workers, public representatives, party agents and supporters.

We are grateful that the voters have put their faith in us. We will work to keep our supporters and to convince those who have not yet voted for us to join the party.

The award gives us a boost for the 2016 local government election campaign. It inspires us to work even harder so that we can go back to the next congress and win first place.