Illegal dumping site next to a clinic causing environmental pollution

By Langa Bodlani MPL, DA Limpopo Spokesperson on Environment:

Today, with DA activists, I conducted an oversight to Seshego Zone 4 Clinic outside of Polokwane where we found an illegal dumping site in very close proximity to the clinic.

This dumping site is a cause of an unbearable stench and air pollution to this clinic.

The officials at the clinic informed us that their efforts to get the ANC ward councilor in this area to deal with this site have had no results.  The illegal site has been next to this clinic for a long time now

During the summer season, the situation gets worse as flies from this dump also fly inside the clinic itself.

This cannot be a conducive condition for the sick who use this clinic for their health care. They are likely to get other airborne diseases.

The grader from the municipality which comes very seldom cannot even access this site to clean it properly.

This situation cannot be left unattended as it poses health risks to the patients.

I will urge my colleagues who sit on the Polokwane Municipality Council to table a motion, at their next sitting, calling for a total removal of this illegal dumping site next to the clinic.

This should be coupled with very extensive fines to those who would be found dumping illegally.  Polokwane Municipality must also, as part of its illegal dumping policy , incorporate an informant reward system into the fight against illegal dumping.

A policy relating to rewards was adopted by the City of Cape Town in 2014 in an effort to improve policing services, with the Safety and Security Directorate introducing a reward system for members of the public who provide information that will lead to a positive outcome against criminal activity.

The outcomes have been impressive and this can be emulated here in our province.

If the municipality fails to take concrete steps to deal with this issue, I will be left with no option but to report the municipality to the Environmental Management Inspectorate for its failure to protect the environment as it is constitutionally obligated to.