Jordaan must resign as SAFA President

By Mergan Chetty, MPL, KZN Deputy Leader:

In a desperate bid to save face for the 2016 municipal elections the ANC has employed the President of the South African Football Association (SAFA), Danny Jordaan as the Nelson Mandela Bay metro’s mayor. 

The ANC deploying Jordaan is another poor choice. This edginess of the ANC stems from its fear that the DA is set to win the metro. The ratepayers are now enduring a fourth mayor in six years, evidence that there is a lack of vibrant leaders in the self enriching ANC. The residents have now become political footballs . Nelson Mandela Bay is a metro and as such demands a full time mayor not having  Jordaan commuting between football and civic affairs.

Good governance is preached by the ANC and at the snap of a finger it is all but forgotten. The frustrating outcome from this botched operation is that the ANC’s Gwede Mantasha has said that the outgoing councillors will be redeployed.

 It is no secret that the ANC is home for inefficient public servants, cadres with no accredited qualifications and persons whose hands are stained with corruption.

The metro is running out of water and has no proper public transport system. A functioning municipality with excellent infra-structure was ruined by the ANC.  This is not the only municipality that has crumbled. Jordaan is a Nelson Mandela Bay resident and if he is sincere about the plight of his fellow residents he should resign from SAFA and save the pride of the friendly city, if he can.