Limpopo accounts for 1000 baby deaths a month

By Langa Bodlani (MPL), DA Limpopo Spokesperson on Health:

Limpopo has the 3rd highest neonatal death rate in the country. In 2012/13, Limpopo accounted for 12 395 infant mortalities.

These shocking figures were revealed yesterday by one of the Sunday newspapers.

This is utterly unacceptable; one baby death is one but too many.  For the figure to rise to 12 395 in one period is an indictment to our public health system.

It effectively means over 1000 infants a month die in our public health care.

The DA will be submitting written questions to Health MEC Mr. Ishmael Kgetjpe to determine which health care centres account the highest number of baby deaths.

The MEC must also tell us what steps has he taken to curb these baby deaths.

This will be followed by a series of oversight visits to these health centres to find out for ourselves why are our babies dying at such rates.

The DA’s values charter emphasises the need for a caring society. If babies die at this rate and families cannot avert this because our government offers poor health services, this cannot be described  as a caring society.

The DA cares that no parent or family must be subjected to losing their baby because of the poor quality of public health care.  We will do everything in our powers to curb these baby deaths.