MEC must lay criminal charges against poisonous parent

By Jacques Smalle MPL, DA Spokesperson on Education:

The DA has today written to the Acting MEC for Education, Jerry Ndou, urging him to lay criminal charges against a Mafolofolo High School parent who allegedly poured poison into school food of a learner on Friday, planning to kill the learner. She must be charged with attempted murder.

The woman forms part of the parent team that prepares food for the learners at the school, and was allegedly caught red-handed pouring poison into the food.

When asked about the incident, it is alleged that the woman confirmed her plans of killing the learner due to family discord with the mother of the learner.

The food handler was fired on the spot by the school management, but no criminal charges were laid against her for attempted murder.

With Limpopo school food already dangerously risky, with glass and poison found in school food numerous times in the last few months, this is a shocking incident that deserves immediate penalty.

We urge the department to investigate this matter and if it allows parents to be involved in school feeding, to ensure they are properly interviewed and properly vetted.

The DA urges MEC Ndou to report the matter to the police, else the DA will have no choice but to lay charges.