Millions spent yet projects remain to be seen

By Anthony Benadie MPL, DA Spokesperson on Culture Sport and Recreation:

The provincial department of Culture Sport and Recreation has spent over R172 million on the establishment of a High Altitude Training Centre and a Cultural Hub with no visible results.

According to written responses to questions posed by the DA, the bulk of the money was spent on consultants and assessments; actual construction has not begun on either project.

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The High Altitude Training Centre may never materialise as the department clearly states within its response that there is no specific financial year that the project is envisaged to be completed.

The department has proven its inability to undertake massive infrastructure projects. Once a project is eventually completed, it simply stands unused, much like the Archive’s Building in Mbombela municipality.

With Mpumalanga desperately in need of basic services such as water and decent sanitation, it is concerning that so much money is spent on projects that may never benefit our communities and which are clearly not direct service delivery projects.

The huge amounts of money spent on these tenders, could’ve gone a long way in uplifting communities in the province but its rather channelled towards dead-end projects. These unfinished projects are merely lining the pockets of the well connected.

The DA will request the Auditor-General to investigate these capital projects to determine the extent of value for money and to ensure that no more money is wasted.