Moses Kotane name change: DA challenges Premier to reveal true costs

By Chris Hattingh, DA North West Provincial Leader:

The DA challenges North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo to publicly declare the full direct and indirect costs of the name change of the province to Moses Kotane.

Premier Mahumapelo has displayed a blasé attitude, dismissive of cost questions, throughout the debate on this name change. Now the Premier must put his money where his mouth is.

Ultimately, this decision of Premier Mahumapelo’s government will cost the Province billions of Rands. While Premier Mahumapelo pretends that only a few letterheads and stationery will require reprinting, the truth is that every department, every local government, every entity of state, every business, every sports club, every school, every hospital and all other bodies in this province will incur enormous costs.

The lack of insight into the costs of such an exercise and the current ignorance towards unbudgeted expenditure on the issue is worrying.

ANC Chief Whip, Hoffman Galeng, has said on record that no extra money would be used on this name change, but Mr Galeng’s words are blatantly untrue.

There are numerous very expensive direct and indirect costs over an extended period involved, not only for Government but also for individuals and the private sector, including commerce and industry.

What is more, Premier Mahumapelo’s government has begun distributing printed material promoting the name change, to our communities. This printing and distribution has no budget, and does not appear in any approved programme of the North West Provincial Government.

Even before the name change has entered National Parliament, already the North West Government has begun unbudgeted expenditure.

The DA challenges the Premier to bring to the Legislature all research done and all reports about the financial implications of a proposed name change, not only to the different spheres of government, but also to the general public, commerce and industry.

If Premier Mahumapelo cannot present these impact assessment documents, he is clearly acting uninformedly, and is recklessly indebting the North West economy.