NMB residents face yet another water emergency

By Cllr Dean Biddulph, DA Metro Caucus Spokesperson:

In spite of numerous attempts to get a response from the service delivery JOC, many city residents were compelled to send pictures and requests to the DA, asking for our assistance and intervention in resolving this serious concern.

At a site visit to investigate the reported water leak on the city main water pipeline this morning, Cllrs Retief Odendaal and Dean Biddulph were shocked to discover a massive water leak that has yet to be repaired.

As a result, kilolotres of precious water is simply flowing into the sea.

The tardy response from the administration once again highlights the hypocrisy of a city that expects consumers to tighten their belts and conserve water whilst the city fails to address their own shortcomings.

In spite of much heralded interventions in curbing water losses, the latest information available for the current financials year, indicates water losses in excess of R300 million and that we are heading toward yet another record water loss on the part of this metro.

We have reported the matter to the Director for Water for urgent intervention and also written to both the City Manager and the Executive Mayor to compel urgent action on this potential disaster.

The city needs to fix the pipes and properly maintain our critical infrastructure.

With water restrictions looming, the DA cannot ever, in good conscience, support such measures until the metro first gets its own house in order.

A photo of the massive water leak can be found here.