Opposition parties unite against the ANC controlled council

By Cllr Jan Smit, DA Caucus Chairperson – Buffalo City Metro:

On Wednesday, 20 May 2015, council resolved to call for a special council meeting today, 22 May 2015, to discuss and resolve on issues that could not be discussed on Wednesday.

Two items were placed on the agenda for today’s meeting:

  1. The contemplated suspension of the City Manger Mr Andile Fani
    2. An urgent court application against members of the Hawks

The purpose of the first report was to report to council about the progress and responses by the City Manager, and the letter of intention to suspend him.  This report is inaccurate and incomplete and should not be discussed by council in its present form as there are many incomplete issues.

The purpose of the second report regarding the Hawks was for council to consider and ratify the processes undertaken by the Executive Mayor and Speaker for the appointment of legal services provider for the institution or an urgent application for an interdict against Capt. Lwana and the Hawks.

It simply means that the Executive Mayor and the Speaker wanted to procure external Legal Services to pay for this urgent application for the account of the Municipality and thus the residents of Buffalo City.

At the commencement of the meeting, it was noted that only about half the ANC councillors were present.  Opposition parties then asked the Speaker to clarify why she and the Executive Mayor are presiding on a matter that concern them and whether it is appropriate for council to discuss issues that are already in the court, of which she refused to answer.

All opposition parties asked to caucus.  In a rare show of unity, all councillors of all the opposition parties decided to be recused from the meeting that would leave the meeting without a quorum.  This meant that these items could not be discussed.

The DA, PAC, COPE, AIC and ACDP then walked out of the meeting with the understanding that these matters cannot be further discussed by Council.