Prince Mshiyeni: Temporary power supply restored

By Dr Imran Keeka, MPL, DA KZN Spokesperson on Health:

THE DA in KZN has been advised that a temporary power supply has been restored at Durban’s Prince Mshiyeni hospital.

This after two wards were left without electricity for a full week, forcing patients and nurses to use candles at night.  Families of patients were even asked to bring their own candles when the hospital had none.

According to professional staff at the hospital, the outage was allegedly caused by a faulty on-site substation.

The DA welcomes the fact that power has been restored to these wards, albeit on a temporary basis.

What remains alarming is the fact that there was no intervention – either by hospital management, KZN’s Health MEC or his department – for seven days.

That patients in the affected wards were not transferred to other wards or another hospital in the interim is also questionable.

The DA has today written to the Chairperson of the KZN Health portfolio committee requesting a full report on this matter at the next meeting on 5 June.

In the interim, we expect the department and hospital management to act immediately to ensure that a permanent solution is found once and for all.