R500-million tender corruption and nobody is fired

By Ashor Sarupen MPL, DA Gauteng Spokesperson on ITC:

The Gauteng provincial government needs to harden its response to corruption if it wants to live up to Premier David Makhura’s promise of clean governance.

In a response to a DA question on the provision of 3G connectivity to schools, as part of R500-million worth of tenders the Auditor-General found to be corrupt, Gauteng Finance MEC Barbara Creecy indicated that 6 staff members were involved.

However, not a single staff member has been dismissed, despite the massive value of the contracts and the six staff members involved are still in the employ of the department.

They have all been issued with final written warnings.

The soft action taken by the Gauteng Department of Finance on this matter is worrying and betrays ?the premier’s tough talk on corruption in Gauteng.

It is clear that corruption and collusion is so entrenched in the ethos of the ANC government that only replacing the governing party in Gauteng can reverse the rot that has set in.

The DA will continue to demand answers as to why staff members are allowed to get away with tender corruption ?with only written warnings as a consequence.