School toilets still in shocking state in Limpopo

By Jacques Smalle MPL,  DA Limpopo Provincial Leader:

I will this week write to the Human Rights Commission to request it urgently make known the status of its investigation into Limpopo schools’ lack of proper sanitation.

This comes after the DA continues to discover more and more schools in Limpopo with unacceptable sanitation facilities, while the Limpopo department of education makes endless promises to address the problem. The Department’s promise to eradicate all sanitation backlogs by 2014 has been a hopeless failure.

At that stage , an estimated 39,365 toilets were needed at 3,283 schools in Limpopo.

The Limpopo Education Department is denying our children dignity and a healthy learning environment. It is simply unacceptable, and the Human Rights Commission must hold the Department to account.

In 2013/14, the department boasted 98% budget expenditure for school infrastructure and sanitation projects, yet the  department has ignored the national norms and standards of 22 learners per toilet and has set its own standard of 40  learners per toilet on which it spent its budget.

The dept. had targeted 633 schools to be supplied with sanitation with a budget allocation of R 365 990 000 yet 85% of this amount has been used to supply a mere  41 schools.

This shows that the ANC government is neglecting our children’s rights shamelessly.

It also appears that the department has ignored the outcomes of the HRC after the DA laid a charge for the poor sanitation conditions in Malamulele High School.