Sitting Censorship: What is Mpumalanga Legislature hiding?

By Bosman Grobler, DA MPL:

Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature acting Secretary has informed the Democratic Alliance that no video recordings will be allowed during sittings of the House – ensuring that the happenings within the House are kept hidden from the public eye.

Today, during a sitting of the Mpumalanga Legislature, DA delivered a motion (Click here for the full version) stating that,

“We are an accountable and transparent institution that is free of corruption with nothing to hide from anyone, and that we are proud of the quality of our sittings, and our robust debates; by allowing recordings of any kind to be made and distributed by any individual, party or organisation who wishes to do so.”

The ANC today used its majority to defeat this motion aimed at allowing video recordings of house proceedings in an attempt to ensure transparency and accountability. This is a clear attempt by the ANC to censor the sitting of the Legislature. This move by the ANC is clearly aimed at preventing the DA from publicising the happenings of the legislature.

This is not the first time that the ANC has used their majority to defeat motions that are in the best interest of the public.  The determination by the ANC to turn these sittings into a political game is undermining the mandate of Legislature.

The DA has tabled a notice that the intended censorship of proceedings of the House be debated at the next sitting. The DA will also write to the Office of the Speaker seeking official permission to record proceedings of the House, failing which we will seek legal advice on the move by the ANC to silence us.

The DA believes in transparency and good governance and will continue to inform the public, using whichever means possible, of the proceedings and happenings within our Provincial Legislature.