Spate of fatal road accidents in KZN highlights urgent need for strict law enforcement

Letter to the editor by: Rafeek Shah, MPL, DA KZN Spokesperson on Transport:

A spate of fatal road accidents on KZN roads over the recent long weekend – which left 17 dead – are a tragic reminder of the urgent need for efficient and strict law enforcement.

The obvious areas to monitor are speed, drunken driving and overloading.

The less obvious – but just as important – are corruption at motor licensing bureaus, which see licences issued to individuals not capable of driving properly.  Add to this the issuing of licences for vehicles which are ‘death traps’ and we have a recipe for disaster.

Along with the need for strict enforcement is the need to ensure that there is urgent improvement when it comes to KZN road conditions, which must include adequate road signage.

The DA is deeply saddened that so many continue to die on our province’s roads.  We extend our sympathies to those who have lost loved ones.  Something must be done about the almost daily carnage on our roads.