Tembisa schools sanitation: Government did not heed earlier warnings

By Mervyn Cirota MPL, DA Gauteng spokesperson for Housing:

The lack of suitable sanitation facilities at Gauteng schools is unacceptable, and the Department of Education cannot continue to ignore this humanitarian disaster.

Schools in Tembisa have been in a state of crisis for more than two years, with more than half the schools seeing up to 100 students forced to share one toilet , where one in five toilets are broken as well as general shortage of soap and toilet paper.

These shortages are nothing new and were brought to the attention of former Education MEC Barbara Creecy 2013.

At the time a survey showed that 90% of Tembisa schools had insufficient infrastructure or sanitation facilities in place.

Despite education MEC Panyaza Lesufi’s 2014 promise of R115 million for infrastructure development at 587 schools, schools in Tembisa remain in a state of disarray.

The need for proper sanitation infrastructure in schools cannot be over-emphasised.

A lack of proper facilities poses a great health risk to learners and educators alike, and the DA calls on both MEC Panyaza Lesufi and Infrastructure Development MEC  Nandi Mayathula Khoza to urgently attend to this crisis.

The DA deplores the ANC government’s lack of sensitivity to the dignity and basic needs of learners in our province.