The house must allow the use of sound and visual recording of the legislature sitting

By Bosman Grobler DA MPL, Mpumalanga legislature:

The following motion was delivered in the Mpumalanga Legislature today by, Bosman Grobler DA MPL

Hon Speaker

I rise to move a motion without notice on behalf of the Democratic Alliance, noting that:

This institution is a public institution constituted to do oversight, law making and allow for public participation. It prides itself to be accountable, transparent and free of corruption, it is open for the public to attend committee meetings and sittings.

Hon Speaker

Noting that,

  • The Democratic Alliance has received instruction that allows audio recordings of sittings, but does not allow for any visual recordings.
  • According to Rule 229 (b), The following constitutes the journals of the legislature,
    • minutes and
    • verbatim records.
  • The rule further makes provision for any person to request copies of these journals.

Further noting that,

  • Hansard has not been able to compile comprehensive verbatim reports in the last 3 years.
  • Requests for visual footage of the previous sitting have still not been provided.
  • Verbatim reports are a vital part of any members task to do oversight, and failure to provide these proves that the legislature as an institution does not have the capacity to provide members with video recordings timeously.

Hon Speaker,

I move that this house proves to the people of Mpumalanga that:

  1. We are an accountable and transparent institution that is free of corruption with nothing to hide from anyone, and that we are proud of the quality of our sittings, and our robust debates; by allowing recordings of any kind to be made and distributed by any individual, party or organisation who wishes to do so.
  2. If we do this, we will ensure that distorted views and reports of sittings are not made public. An example of such a distortion made public is evident in today’s newspaper.

I so move.