Visa Regulations will not prevent Human Trafficking but they will kill jobs

By, Beverley Schäfer MPP, DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Economic Opportunities, Tourism and Agriculture:

The following speech was delivered in the National Council of Provinces today by the DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Economic Opportunities, Tourism and Agriculture, Beverley Schäfer MPP, during the budget vote debate on Home Affairs.

Speech by

Beverley Schäfer MPP

DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Economic Opportunities, Tourism and Agriculture

Immigration Regulations would negatively impact at every level on South Africa’s economy and on the national development’s plan to create 1 million jobs by 2030.

Speech highlights:

  • DHA is using Child Trafficking as a red herring to an enforcement problem along South Africa’s borders.
  • Minister Hanekom was quite right, as Sun International are predicting a 60 – 70% plummet in tourist traffic volumes to South Africa, from areas like China, Russia and India.
  • The greatest challenge to human trafficking is not a lack of legislation, but rather the failure to enforce existing legislation.
  • The South African Police Services [has] “a serious lack of capacity and widespread corruption among the police force” which has prevented progress in anti-trafficking law enforcement efforts.
  • Minister Gigaba rather conduct a study on the nature of cross border illicit activity such as human and child trafficking and close your porous borders through proper control but leave our tourism and economy alone!

The full speech can be obtained here

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