Aerorand Primary School will be Operational come 2016

By Anthony Benadie MPL, Spokesperson on Education:

The much anticipated primary school in Aerorand, Steve Tshwete municipality, will be operational in 2016 by means of mobile classrooms.

This is according to a letter addressed to the DA from the provincial MEC of Education, Reginah Mhaule, dated 15 June 2015.

Click here to view the letter.

In this letter, the MEC states that the R44 million that was budgeted for the actual construction of Aerorand was reprioritized to address the provision of adequate water, sanitation and electricity in various schools in the province to align them to the national norms and standards priority.

The MEC also indicates that building of the Aerorand Primary School will take place in the years following the 2015/16 financial year, however she does not specify the actual financial year that construction will take place.

The letter further indicates that the department has currently requested the implementing agent to procure fencing and to provide bulk services to the site which the school will be built on.

The DA welcomes the department’s efforts in addressing the water and sanitation challenges in Mpumalanga schools, however by taking from one project to address another is like robbing the poor to give to the poor. It never solves the actual problem.

In Mpumalanga, 41% of all schools do not have adequate access to water and sanitation, and the Mpumalanga government has set aside R202 million in this financial year to address this situation.

The DA will continue its oversight on Aerorand Primary school, including its construction and establishment to ensure that the leaners of Steve Tshwete get the quality education that they deserve as learning is a right and not a privilege.