ANC and EFF disrupts first ever Free State Youth Parliament

By George Michalakis, DA Free State Youth Leader and Permanent Delegate to the National Council of Provinces:

Today the ANC and the EFF joined hands in disrupting the first ever Free State Youth Parliament to the extent where complete chaos reigned. It was left to the DA Youth participants to try and bring reason and maintain decorum and dignity to today’s proceedings.

The DA is not at all surprised at the despicable behaviour exhibited by the youth members of the ANC and the EFF since they were merely emulating the questionable behaviours of their national and provincial leaders.

In Parliament the ANC fail to place basic and higher education, youth unemployment and economic growth at the forefront of Parliament’s business. Instead it abuses the institution to protect Jacob Zuma. The ANCYL participants today did the same by playing platitudes to the problems facing the youth and defending Jacob Zuma and Ace Magashule at all cost. Naturally, the EFF was right behind the ANC in ensuring that pressing matters affecting the youth today are not dealt with, with the seriousness it deserves.

At one stage a member of the ANC crossed the floor and attacked a member of the EFF, who retaliated.

What is also concerning is that various participants representing independent youth sectors, such as the disability sector and the culture and creative industries sector, acted as ANC auxiliary organisations, punting party political narratives. This is an example of the ANC’s commitment to state capture.

The DA today raised credible alternatives, not only in policy, but also in young leadership. Following the events that took place at today’s Youth parliament, it is clear for all to see that the DA is the only party that can bring positive change to all young South Africans.