ANC refers me to Ethics Committee for exposing R600k a month offices for Limpopo Gambling Board

By Langa Bodlani MPL, DA Limpopo Spokesperson on LEDET:

Today, the ANC-dominated portfolio committee of Limpopo Economic Development, Environment and Tourism (LEDET) resolved to refer me before the Legislature’s Ethics Committee. Only the ANC members voted to refer me.

My alleged crime: a media statement I released earlier this week exposing that the Limpopo Gambling Board is paying close to R700k a month for its office space.

This is the most unheard of attempt to censor a political party. It is an infringement of my right to freedom of expression, and freedom of political association.

The DA has every right to hold the government to account, and as spokesperson on LEDET it is my duty to the people of Limpopo to expose gross wastages of their public money.

The ANC’s attempt to silence me is without any base, whatsoever; the information in my press statement came from the LEDET committee and these committees are in the public domain. Whatever transpires in committee is information in the public interest, and must not be hidden.

The fact that the Limpopo Gambling Board is paying out this massive amount for rental is information definitely in the public interest – taxpayers must know where their hard-earned money is going.

The DA will not be cowed into silence especially where monies which should fund service delivery, are used wrongly on lavish offices.

This we owe to the voters who put us into office.

The freedoms of expression which are enshrined in the Constitution include the right to disseminate information lawfully.  This cannot be limited by membership of a portfolio committee.