Answers needed over reported expropriation of flats in Friendship Town, Ekurhuleni

By Mervyn Cirota MPL, DA Gauteng Spokesperson: Human Settlements:

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Gauteng will submit urgent questions to clarify reports of intended expropriation of three blocks of flats in Friendship Town, Ekurhuleni.

Reports suggest that the flats, currently privately owned, were to be expropriated by the province’s Human Settlements department.

The DA will request MEC Jacob Mamabolo to explain:

  • What was the motivation is for this proposed expropriation?
  • Why procedural requirements were not followed?
  • What does the department intend to use these flats for?
  • What is the department’s current policy on expropriation?
  • Is it the department’s policy to become a landlord?
  • What further plans, if any, does the department have to expropriate other buildings in the province?

Expropriation of privately owned property may have serious repercussions for the property market and the private sector.

It appears that the department may be revising its initial decision to expropriate this property and instead buy it directly; either way, an urgent explanation is needed from officials in the department.

Residents of these flats should not be made to live in uncertainty and the MEC needs to reassure them of the security of their future.