BCM city hall statue still not cleaned

By Cllr Dillon Webb, DA PR Councillor – Buffalo City Municipality:

Several weeks ago, the residents in East London witnessed the defacing of the Anglo Boer War statue outside City Hall in the East London CBD.  Paint was thrown on it, similar to other statues around the country.

To date, this defaced statue has not been given any attention by the Buffalo City Municipality (BCM).

The South African Navy parade will march on Saturday, 20 June 2015, past the City Hall.  Everyone will see the poor state of the statue.

In terms of the law, sections 27, 29 and 34 of the Heritage Act (Act 25 of 1999) state that all provincial heritage sites must be protected if they are 60 years and older. By Buffalo City’s lack of fairness to attend to the statue indicates that they completely disregard this law.

Surprisingly, last month, the former ANC mayor re-opened the German Settler Monument in East London. How is it that Buffalo City will reopen one and then completely neglect another? This is an outright disgrace on their part.

Our country’s heritage is part of our history and simply cannot be ignored. Our statues in our cities and towns should be seen as a reminder of our past and Its people should have the freedom to reflect on these reminders.

I have written to the Buffalo City Municipal Manager requesting for the statue to be restored back to its original state.

A photo of the defaced statue can be found here.