Broken toilets at leading Joburg hospital

By Jack Bloom  MPL DA Gauteng Shadow MEC: Health:

Dirty and broken toilets are causing major distress for patients at the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Hospital.

Conditions at this leading hospital are declining, as shown by the latest National Health Department survey where it scored only 68% on six core standards, including cleanliness, down from 70% previously.

I am receiving increasing complaints about shocking toilet conditions at the hospital.

Here is one description of the ladies toilets by former nurse Colleen King:

“I went to the toilets at area 457 by the outpatients. One toilet was taped up and clearly out of use. The other was horribly blocked and the stench was apparent in the passage. I then tried the ones next to the hairdresser … The lights were missing. All three toilets were without seats and paper. I went all the way to area 557 where the toilets were also in poor condition seats missing, no paper etc.”

Another visitor to the hospital wrote to me as follows:
“Having been at the hospital all day, I needed to use the public toilets a few times, and quite honestly they are beyond disgusting. One would imagine this would be the first area where hygiene and infection control is implemented. Light bulbs are missing leaving many in total darkness. The toilet seats are cracked – wonderful for collecting germs!  No soap. No toilet paper.”

I have written to hospital CEO Gladys Bogoshe to attend to this appalling situation as soon as possible.

This flagship hospital can surely do better in providing decent toilet facilities.