Budget vote speeches: Roads and Transport

The following speeches were delivered in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature today by the DA’s Shadow MEC for Roads and Transport, Neil Campbell MPL, Spokesperson for Roads and Transport, Graham Gersbach MPL, and Spokesperson for Roads and Transport, Justus de Goede MPL, during the 2015/16 Annual Budget Debate on the Department of Roads and Transport.

Speech by
Neil Campbell MPL
DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Roads and Transport

“Fair and efficient transport system not yet a reality for majority of Gauteng residents”

  • Despite assurances from the department that their funds will be well spent perusal of the budget will show that this is not so.
  • The failure of the department, yet again, to spend their budget last year highlights the fact that the public are not being treated fairly.
  • Most projects are running behind schedule as a result of poor contract management or because the wrong contractors were awarded tenders.
  • Substantial expenditure is earmarked for non-tolled alternative routes but if Phase 2 of the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project is introduced, in spite of total rejection of e-tolling by the public, very few alternate routes will remain.

The full speech can be obtained here.

Speech by
Graham Gersbach MPL
DA Gauteng Spokesperson Roads and Transport

“A multitude of opportunities lie at the end of a better Gauteng road network”

  • Whilst the R6.6 Billion Budget of the Roads and Transport Department represents 7 % of the Provincial Government Budget of R95.39 billion the Department spends about 17 % of the infrastructure budget.
  • Despite being the smallest province geographically, Gauteng has almost 25 % of Municipal Urban Roads and streets in the country and these roads and streets represent almost 75 % of the roads and streets in Gauteng.
  • The maintenance of all roads in Gauteng is crucial for creating the opportunities for growing the National Economy which is the only hope for reducing unemployment.

The full speech can be obtained here.

Speech by

Justus de Goede MPL
DA Gauteng Spokesperson Roads and Transport

“Efficient and extensive public transport key to economic freedom for all”

  • Efficient and extensive public transportation networks are key to unlocking economic freedom for all in Gauteng, yet this goal continues to remain elusive.
  • The budget does not address a vital element of transport in the province; with three contiguous Metros and inseparable transport links, surely a Transport Authority is an absolute necessity and not a luxury.
  • The state of public transport in our municipalities, in particular the Gauteng Metros, is very concerning; in at least two of them, bus services have been allowed to implode, and in Tshwane, the municipality is about to commit a major traffic planning error around the BRT system, which will have to be reversed at great cost.

The full speech can be obtained here