DA declares war against sub-standard service delivery

By Petro Nel, DA Deputy Provincial Leader and Matlosana Councillor and

Chris Hattingh, DA Constituency Leader, Matlosana:

The DA will apply extra pressure on the Matlosana Local Municipality administrator, Seth Ramagaga, to ensure residents get the service delivery they pay for and deserve.

The DA’s Enough is Enough-campaign will reach its climax this weekend when councillors will take to the streets and have a petition ready for anyone who demands action from the local municipality.

This follows after the municipality was put under administration nearly six month ago, but not much progress can be seen.

Refuse has not been removed in Orkney for more than three weeks, long grass and badly maintained pavements, parks and open fields are unattended to.

The DA wants to give the residents a voice to demand action against the gradual decay of the area.

Resident of Klerksdorp have previously shared their unhappiness with the poor condition of roads in the city, lack of basic services and problems with poor management of their services accounts.

This Saturday, 30 June, all residents, irrespective of political affiliation, can fill in petitions at strategic points in the Kosh-area:

  • Corner of Platan-and Monica Avenue
  • Flimieda Spar, Lautz Avenue
  • Hartbeesfontein – Opposite Mini Rama
  • Ward 5 – Jouberton
  • At Klerksdorp Old Age Home
  • The BP Garage in Chris Hani Avenue, Klerksdorp
  • Orkney Spar
  • Meiringspark Spar
  • Songloed mini Pick ‘n Pay
  • Stilfontein Spar
  • Stilfontein Civic Centre

With this petition, the DA enables taxpayer to raise their concerns and problems directly with the administrator.