DA delivers footbridge to Nkomazi community on Youth Day

By James Masango MP, DA Mpumalanga Leader:

Yesterday the Democratic Alliance delivered a footbridge to the community of Schoemansdal in Nkomazi municipality, Mpumalanga during Youth Day celebrations.

The bridge will enable children to cross a fast-flowing river, from their homes on one side to the other side where three schools are located.

Previously, residents of Schoemansdal had also struggled to access the local clinic and a cemetery located on either side of the river with many residents complaining that the points of crossing along the river had become crime hotspots, and crossing the river was a risk to life and limb.

This bridge is a living symbol of the DA’s caring presence in this impoverished community. It also amplifies the DA’s ability to deliver necessary services, even where we don’t govern.

The DA believes in a society where all people have the freedom to move around their communities through services delivered fairly and effectively.

The DA’s leader James Masango and deputy leader Sonja Boshoff officially opened the bridge that has granted residents of Schoemansdal freedom of movement.

Click here to view pictures.

In commemoration of Youth Day, the DA also conducted a walkabout in Stentor Trust where we inspected RDP houses that where repaired in an initiative led by DA councillor Mariette Preddy. Some of these RDP houses had roofs that leaked while others had roofs that had not been attached properly. None of the houses has running water or is connected to a sewer system.

The DA also visited Nkomazi’s Ward 32 where DA councillors and activists had erected water tanks to service the local community because their water supply was sporadic at best.

21 years into democracy people are still living in abject poverty and are struggling to access basic human rights such as water and decent sanitation.

We are proud to have delivered to the people of Schoemansdal, and we will continue to deliver in Mpumalanga until we govern the Province and freedom, fairness and opportunity is realised by all.