DA ensures permanent closure of BCMM drop off sites

By Cllr Patricia Williams, Buffalo City Municipality Caucus:

Democratic Alliance (DA) Cllr Patricia Williams has managed to have three refuse “Drop Off Sites” demolished and closed permanently, despite all the upheaval on illegal drop off sites and the stench of uncollected refuse throughout the greater East London area.

The Stoneydrift, Scott Road Milner Estate and  Kenwick Close Panmure sites were demolished and closed permanently through petitions signed by the community, sheer persistence and  the co-operation of the Solid Waste Department.

The last remaining drop off site to be demolished is Braelyn Heights, which has not been attended to due to the lack of a front loader by the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM). The BCMM by-laws will now be applied, to ensure that the refuse is not allowed to build up into a site of unhealthy proportions again.

An illegal scrapyard which had being operating for over three years in a residential area of Milner Estate has also been closed this month. It is hoped that this will address some of the criminal activities, such as housebreaking, which was attracted by this scrapyard.

The DA will be writing to BCMM Acting Director of Community Services, Ms. Nompelo Daniels, to address the outstanding issues surrounding the Stoneydrift, Beacon Bay and Gonubie landfill and transfer, and drop off sites.  I will be monitoring these sites regularly and will remain in constant communication with both the residents and the Solid Waste Department.

The people of BCMM deserve to be treated fairly by having the opportunity to live in a clean and healthy environment, free from criminal elements that plague these illegal dumpsites.

A clean city is a healthy city, and under a DA government, this would be a priority.

Photos of the Milner Estate drop off site: before and after .

Photos of the Panmure drop off site: before and after .

Photos of the Braelyn Heights drop off site: before and after