DA NW: Joe McGluwa’s Youth Day Speech

The following speech was delivered by DA North West Leader, Joe McGluwa, at Naledi and Ratlou, at the DA’s Youth Day commemorations. McGluwa was joined by DA North West Chairperson Carin Visser.

My dear Democrats,

Imagine a place where you can live your dreams. Where you have a job, proper housing and access to fresh water. A place where you can be educated to become whatever you want to be if you work hard. Imagine a place where you can have access to excellent health care and a place where you can walk around safe – without fear and crime.

Young people, this is not only a dream anymore. It can be a reality. YOUR reality.

We have given the ANC 21 years to live up to their promises. Don’t you think it is maybe time you give someone else the opportunity to change your world? For more than two decades the ANC didn’t deliver on their promises. Only the uninformed can still believe their stories after more than 21 years.

The poverty and unemployment in this province is worrying. Do you know that currently 26.4% are unemployed in South-Africa? While our president stays in a mansion –  built and maintained by tax payers money, the young people of this province suffers. You suffer from lack of proper housing and opportunities.

We believe you will also find it shocking that SA ranks 175 out of 190 countries worldwide. Countries like Zimbabwe, Haiti and India have better healthcare to offer their people.  The life expectancy of South Africans is 60 years. That is due to our poor clinic and health care available to all. You deserve better. Your parents and grandparents deserve better. And ultimately one day your children will deserve better.

It is time that you guys stand up and take a stand against your circumstances. It is time that you drive your own destiny and show your unhappiness and discontent. It is time you give the DA a chance.

It is time you empower yourself and get what you deserve. It is time that your Constitutional rights are properly protected.

I believe most of you have access to a radio or television. Only people who were out of touch for years can miss the good reports and feedback the DA gets from wherever we govern.

We are not in the game of enriching ourselves. We are in the game of serving our people. Go and speak to people in Potchefstroom. The people will tell you the difference the DA made in the 7 SEVEN months they governed the city. The proof is in the pudding.

We are proud to say that the young generation of SA wants a better future for all. The proof is where the DA Youth took over the Fort Hare Student Council. People are becoming more and more aware that the DA can change the destiny of people. The DA is the CHANGE this country needs.

And now you probably stand here and think… I am so young. I am only a child. I come from a poor household… I don’t have access to proper education…

The DA wants to tell you – IT IS FINE. Give us the opportunity to be the change you need in your life. The DA loves young people. Do you know Mmusi was born in Soweto? He is a mere 34 years old. AND he is leading the official opposition in SA.

One of the DA’s members of parliament is only 24 years old. How cool is that? These are people who took their destiny into their own hands. They didn’t look for handouts and favours from the ANC. They stood up for themselves. They fight for what rightfully belong to them.

The DA is the fastest growing party in the country. For a food reason. We have success where we govern. We believe in the Constitution and we ensure our actions are aligned with it. We have respect for all and want to empower all. We are not a group of people who want to enrich ourselves and work to the benefit of a few fat cats.

Young people should be at the forefront of global change and innovation. Empowered, they can be key agents for development and peace. If, however, they are left on society’s margins, all of us will be impoverished. Let us ensure that all young people have every opportunity to participate fully in the lives of their societies.”
Kofi Annan

AND that is also the vision of the DA. We want to see you shine. We want to empower you to be your best self. Be part of the change.

Thank you