DA offers counselling to 13 y/o Sekororo rape victim

By Katlego Suzan Phala (MPL), DA Limpopo Spokesperson on Women and Youth:

The DA stands in solidarity with the 13 year old victim of paternal rape in the Sekororo area of Limpopo.

Her 35 year old father is alleged to have been sexually abusing her for well over three months, while the victim’s mother allegedly did nothing to prevent the rape.

The ordeal came to light through social workers whom the child consulted with. The DA will now ensure that the victim receives proper rape counselling, and all possible support.

The DA believes in a society where the young and vulnerable are protected and guarded from harm, where societies are strong and structured to keep young people safe.

The DA calls on the SAPS to fully investigate this matter, and to present the strongest case for prosecution. This case must send a strong message against child abuse.

The DA will ensure that the victim is afforded proper counselling for recovery to ensure her speedy return to her academic studies.