DA says: “Enough is enough” in Matlosana Municipality

By Chris Hattingh, DA Constituency Head, Matlosana, Klerksdorp:

The DA in the Matlosana council is fed up with the municipality’s poor service delivery and the lack of capacity to serve taxpayers as stipulated in the Constitution.

Refuse bags are left on sidewalks for weeks due to a lack of proper planning and maintenance on essential equipment. The poor road conditions and potholes are other issues the DA raised time and again in the council meetings, with no positive feedback or action from the municipality.

The uncut grass in parks, on sidewalks and in the local cemeteries is also a huge concern. Not only does it impose a safety risk, but also makes it impossible to apply pest control.

Another challenge for residents, besides some sewage spillage from time to time, is the storm water drains that are not maintained anymore. This leads to over flooding – resulting in some properties, in some areas to be flooded.

The DA also conveyed the residents’ concerns and complaints on issues like streetlights that are not replaced in time and absence of traffic signs and street name boards.

After all these complaints fell on deaf ears, the DA officially start an Enough is Enough-campaign. This municipality is under administration and it is time that the administrator starts to act upon these issues.

Where the DA governs they focus on improving the lives of South Africans. It is time that the Matlosana Municipality are more responsive to the needs of the people and that public money is spent in the interest of the people.

For the next few weeks the DA will distribute a petition amongst residents and be visible in various areas where they can share their dismay with the total decline of service delivery and maintenance in the Kosh-area. The petition and residents’ concerns will be handed to the mayor and administrator. A copy will also be handed in at the North West Provincial Legislature and send to parliament.

The DA can no longer witness the incompetence, malpractices and lack of accountability towards tax paying and law abiding citizens.

We invite the people to participate in this two weeklong event where the DA will not only apply pressure to accountable people, but will listen to the problems and fears of all.