DA uncovers shocking pension fraud

By Andrew Louw, MPL, DA Provincial Leader:

The Democratic Alliance has uncovered shocking pension fraud in the Northern Cape. We will be laying criminal charges and sending a docket to the Public Protector. We will not tolerate any abuse of our elderly citizens.

It appears that pensioners are not receiving the full pension payouts.

In one instance, a pensioner had only R77 on her pension card when she went to swipe her card yesterday. She had expected her normal pension payout of R1 410.

Imagine the shock you feel when you discover that 95% of your normal income has simply vanished. It throws your entire monthly planning in disarray. Pensioners receive a very small allowance as it is. With the prices of everything increasing, from food to rates, pensioners must budget carefully to make ends meet.

I’ve spoken to a cashier at a grocery store who says that employees of CPS regularly come in and pay for groceries using pension cards. Why are youngsters walking around with these pension cards? Who loads the funds on the cards?

Something very suspicious is happening here. It would be understandable if an elderly person sent someone with strong young legs to go buy groceries, which would be paid for by the pension card.

But it happens far too regularly. And why is it only employees of CPS who swipe the cards? Do all CPS employees buy groceries for their elderly relatives?

We urge any pensioner who has been affected by this to come to our offices.

We will not let this matter rest. Elderly citizens are vulnerable to exploitation from greedy people. Our grandparents are not carcasses for vultures to feed from. Our grandparents are active participants in our communities and deserve respect.