DA wants answers on school psychologists

By Safiyia Stanfley, MPL, DA Provincial Spokesperson on Education:

The Democratic Alliance will be submitting written questions to the department of Education to determine how this department will attract registered psychologists.

It was reported earlier that the department has had no registered psychologists in its service since 2013.

We want to know how the department will address this issue.

Approximately one in every five teenagers have made one or more suicide attempt. Without psychological support, teenagers remain at risk.

The Democratic Alliance believes that a good education is key to a great future. Part of a good educational environment is the psychological support and the services that a qualified psychologist can render. A psychologist can, for example, help to identify the early warning signs of depression and intervene with learners who need support. Suicide accounts for 9.5% of teenage deaths in South Africa.

Psychologists can also assist immensely with the health and wellbeing of educators.

Without psychologists, the department of Education cannot administer psychometric tests for learners. This limits the career guidance on offer. We need learners to be aware of all the exciting career opportunities that they can access.

We will be monitoring the situation continuously.