DA will not let absconding MECs rest

By Andrew Louw, MPL, DA Provincial Leader:

The Democratic Alliance notes the decision from the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature to move the house sitting during which oral questions would have been put to the premier to next week Monday.

The house sitting would originally have dealt with oral questions to the premier as well as the youth day debate. It is now only set to deal with the debate. During the programme meeting, scheduled for tomorrow, we will request that the oral questions be returned to the programme as originally intended.

The premier may try to postpone the matter as much as she likes, but the questions will not go away. We will ask her how she will deal with her wayward MECs and we want a detailed response. House sittings can be postponed indefinitely, but accountability cannot.

We also note the response from the premier’s spokesperson. Officials should always be careful when responding to matters that they don’t understand, because they will come across as ill-informed and illogical. This is what happened with the premier’s spokesperson, Ms.

Bronwyn Thomas-Abrahams, who has again shown that she has no real understanding of how government works. It will always be within the right of the opposition to raise any matter, whether in the media or in the legislature.

A personal attack on the opposition will not disguise the fact that there is a serious crisis of leadership in the Northern Cape executive. When officials are encouraged to make such reckless statements, it shows that the rot has set and that attempts are now being made to deflect attention from the issue at hand.

The Democratic Alliance has hard evidence of the fact that MECs are not attending MINMEC meetings and we will be able to dispel any illusions. We have forwarded evidence that the MEC for Finance did not attend the last meeting that was held before the tabling of the 2015 budget. He lost the opportunity to fight for the provincial interests.

This document was made available to the DFA, The New Age, the Volksblad and all the media houses on our mailing list.

The Democratic Alliance is actually making it easier for the premier to conduct oversight over her cabinet, especially those members who are not performing their duties. We want an answer, we want accountability and we will not rest until this matter has been dealt with to our satisfaction.

Budget Council apologies