Gauteng premier’s office prevented from further R6 million GTV blitz

By John Moodey MPL, DA Gauteng Provincial Leader:

After spending R6 million over two years on the non-functional Gauteng TV (GTV) programme the Office of the Premier (OoP) been told to go back to the drawing board and present a revised project before it requests any more funding.

In 2013, the Premier’s office launched the programme aimed at delivering important government messages to the residents of Gauteng by placing TV sets in various provincial government departments.

A research report brought before the Oversight Committee for the Office of the Premier (OCPOL) last month indicated that these TV sets were either not installed or not visible.

The report described the programme as a failure. Despite this, the OoP insisted that with an additional R6 million it would make the programme functional.

From the outset the committee has exercised thorough scrutiny of this project, and as a result, a unanimous decision was reached across party lines that the OoP must, within two months, provide a newly defined programme before any consideration is given to the issuing of public finances.

This is a victory for the work of oversight and the safeguarding of the fiscus.

The OoP must know that it cannot ride roughshod over due process when it is in the mood for a spending spree.

As with this project, the DA will continue to ensure that the legislative framework by which the admiration is bound is adhered to.