Gauteng State of the Province: 100 days of delivery delays

By John Moodey MPL, DA Gauteng Provincial Leader:

It is 100 days since Gauteng Premier David Makhura sketched his grand plan for Gauteng in his State of the Province Address.

Unfortunately for the citizens of Gauteng who hoped for real change, who waited for real improvements and a better life, this has not happened.

This means that the parents who struggle to make ends meet and provide for their family are still struggling.

The children of Gauteng who receive less than quality education are still not getting the future they deserve.

The communities who feel increasingly unsafe in the face of spiralling crime are still scared.

And the unemployed youth are still without work and turning to drugs for some kind of escape.

Key promises which the Premier has failed to deliver on include:

  • Listening to the will of the people regarding e-tolling: this is despite establishing a panel to investigate public sentiment and economic impact of the system.
  • Intervention into underperforming municipalities on the West Rand. Instead, the Premier continues to support an unpopular metro merger which will in all likelihood prove to be unsuccessful.
  • Job creation: Massive development corridors such as the Aerotropolis, Hydropolis, the Aquaculture Initiative and the Waterfall development have either not materialised at all or have been driven largely by the private sector.
  • The 43 Memoranda of Agreement signed with 43 captains of industry to develop mega-cities; however, the Human Settlements Department has no knowledge of these agreements.
  • His promise to take a strong stand on corruption and advocate for transparency. This while refusing to publicise several forensic reports into fraud and corruption within various departments, including School Governing Body fraud and investigations into maladministration in Merafong and Westonaria.
  • Government accountability: Many of the Premier’s MECs continue to avoid or deliver inadequate responses to questions from the opposition on urgent delivery needs in the province

As we head into another year of delivery delays, the DA will continue to fight for more accountability and better responses to urgent matters from this government. Key to this is ensuring that the upcoming budget process aligns with the needs of the people.

Without an opportunity to receive quality education or a job, the people of this province will not be able to live in the dignity they deserve. Gauteng needs a government that works harder to create an environment for people to succeed and live in prosperity.