Health department ignores DA mobile clinic tender PAIA

By Dr Imran Keeka, MPL, DA KZN Spokesperson on Health:

DESPITE several opportunities to come clean over the allegedly flawed procurement of several mobile clinics in the province, KZN’s health department has failed to do so.

The opportunities include a Public Access to Information application submitted by the DA to KZN Health MEC, Sibongensi Dhlomo, on 21 May calling for the release of all documentation relating to the tender process.

In terms of the law, the MEC must acknowledge receipt of the application after which he has 30 days to comply – or not.

To date the DA has had no formal acknowledgement of receipt from MEC Dhlomo.

After numerous attempts to follow up on the matter, the DA received correspondence from a departmental official yesterday which states that the General Manager and his PA are both on leave and therefore “the Acting GM has to be briefed accordingly”.  The official also asks what a PAIA is.

At best, this is another case of the absolute incompetence so rife within this department.

At worst, the MEC and his senior officials are stalling and are up to their necks in corruption which they are intent on hiding.

The DA will forward a formal complaint to the KZN Legislature Office of the Speaker regarding the MEC’s lack of acknowledgement to date.

We will also notify the Public Protector of what we regard as the department’s ongoing efforts to keep this information out of the public domain and request a full investigation into the whereabouts of the four mobile clinics procured after having only had sight of two.

The MEC and his department can no longer be allowed to ignore the oversight role of the DA by attempting to sweep dodgy dealings under the carpet at the expense of KZN taxpayers.