Hostel 1 Housing Development: Ten years of empty ANC promises

By Leona Kleynhans, DA MPL in the Free State Provincial Legislature:

The below remarks was made by Leona Kleynhans (MPL) during an oversight visit to the Hostel 1 development in Batho, Bloemfontein earlier today.

The Hostel 1 housing development in Batho is in ruins. The project was announced 10 years ago.

The project could have been completed in 2010. It would have provided a decent home for 42 families, or 170 people.

We believe that this project was originally intended to be a Community Residential Unit project, meaning rental accommodation for families earning less that R3500 per month, to help address the lack of housing opportunities that cater for the gap-market.

For close to a decade the ANC have been collecting the names of housing beneficiaries, promising them houses and that it would speed up this priority project, but nothing has happened and during the same period, money has been solicited from National Treasury specifically to complete the project.

We must ask ourselves who the contractors are that was supposed to finish this development, how much were they paid, and why they never finished the construction. These are questions I will submit to Human Settlements MEC Olly Mlamleli, and I will come back here to give feedback to this community. I will not run away from you like Thabo Manyoni and Ace Magashule run away from you with their empty promises.

Friends and democrats, this is the corruption of the ANC.

The ANC-led Mangaung Metro and the Free State Provincial Government have repeatedly made promises to complete this project for more than ten years. The ANC-governed municipality is blaming the ANC-led Managaung Metro and vice versa and for ten years this community have waited.

Today, these empty and dilapidated houses serve as concrete evidence that the ANC’s promises are empty, and that they do not care for the plight of our people.

Ace Magashule and MEC Olly Mlamleli promised the people of the Free State that they would build 51 433 houses since 2009. The Free State government built only 38 079, leaving more than 13 000 families in the province without their promised houses. I think Ace Magashule and MEC Olly Mlamleli must personally apologise to each family that did not receive a house as they promised, but they will never do so because they think that they are unaccountable to the people.

A DA government in Mangaung would never let this happen. If this project was launched by a DA government, Hostel 1 today would have been very different from these depressing, vacant and ruined buildings you see here.

Hostel 1 would be a thriving community where children could play and families could live in peace.

In next year’s elections the community of Batho can say no to the empty promises of the ANC and say yes to the effective governance that comes with a DA government. Lend us your vote for five years so that we, the DA, can show what a positive difference a DA government will make in the lives of all our people.