In just 4 years, Limpopo govt. paid R600mil to officials, councillors, and their families

By Jacques Smalle, MPL, DA Limpopo Leader:

In the last financial year, underperforming Limpopo municipalities paid R119 million to public servants and those connected to them who do business with the state despite President Jacob Zuma signing a law that prohibits public servants from doing business with the state late last year.

This emerged in the recent Auditor General’s opinion for the financial year 2013/14. The opinion states that R116 million was paid to councillors, municipal employees, and state employees and R3 million was paid in favor of close family members of the councillors and employees, through companies and businesses getting business deals with government.

This practice where the ANC governs has showed over the years that the ANC commitment is to make itself rich, while making our people poorer and poorer.

R600 million has been taken from creating a better future for our citizens.

Service delivery has also been compromised as a result.

This is the breakdown of individual financial years:

  • 2010/11 Financial year R1.2 million
  • 2011/12 Financial year R464 million
  • 2012/13 Financial year R11.1 million
  • 2013/14 Financial year R119 million

The Democratic Alliance believes in government that implements fair and transparent tender processes, where each and every entrepreneur can bid fairly to provide best business opportunities for government, and where large tenders are broken down into smaller contracts for smaller businesses.

As long as government is reluctant to enforce laws that prevent state employees from doing business with the state, Limpopo small businesses will be deprived of fair economic opportunities.

In the Western Cape, the DA passed a law to prevent any form of business dealings between the state and its employees.  A similar bill was introduced in the Limpopo legislature by provincial DA leader Jacques Smalle in 2009 and 2011 but was shut down by the ANC. The ANC would rather protect those who loot the state, than protect the people.

The DA calls on Premier Stan Mathabatha to gazette and effect provincial legislation that will prevent state and municipal officials from doing business with their employer governments. The premier must also hold individuals to account for looting government monies.

The DA will continue to ask probing questions on government finances, to bring fairness to government spending and tender processes.