It is high time that the people of Nkomazi receive decent services

By Sonja Boshoff, MP, Political Head: Mbombela and Nkomazi Constituencies:

The people of Nkomazi have suffered for too long. It is time for the ANC government to provide decent services to these people. The DA calls on the Municipal Manager of Nkomazi to prioritise service delivery as a matter of urgency.

This week angry protesters took to the streets to voice their anger against poor service delivery.

This followed shortly after Komati Square in Komatipoort was flooded with human excrement due to the ageing sewer infrastructure. People in the area had to wade through human excrement in the parking area. This inevitably led to businesses losing money as the public recoiled from the untenable mess. It is a huge health hazard for all those working in the area and cannot be allowed to continue.

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The inadequate sewer system in Komatipoort has been an ongoing concern since 2006. The municipality has made numerous promises to fix the sewer system but to date the same structure still stands.

In 2012 the sewage was pushing into the shower of one of the houses in the area and spilled over in the bathroom and into the kitchen sink. At the time, the Nkomazi municipality said it was unable to resolve the problem as they had insufficient finances and a lack of capacity. The municipality also stated that the solution was to revamp the whole sewer system of the town and that the more the population of the town grows, the more problematic the infrastructure becomes.

To date nothing has been done to improve the system.

The farming community was also affected, with costs that increased as produce had to go through several cleaning and quality checking processes before it was at an acceptable market quality.

Under a DA led government this will not happen as our value charter speaks of freedom, fairness and opportunity for all South Africans.

Government needs to urgently intervene in the Komatipoort sewer crisis and deliver adequate service to the people of Nkomazi Municipality. The DA will write to the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs to find a solution to this crisis.