Limpopo Premier must probe R882 million of wasteful expenditure

By Jacques Smalle (MPL), DA Provincial Leader:

Today the DA has written to the Limpopo Premier, Stanley Mathabatha, to request a probe into the financial affairs of all the municipalities that are wasting the taxpayers money irregularly , wastefully and fruitlessly instead of accelerating services to the people.

It has been revealed by the Auditor General that Limpopo has wasted a walloping R882 million on unauthorised expenditure from  R581 million in the last financial year.

AG further revealed the following:

  • Wasteful and fruitless expenditure increased from R18 million to R31 million
  • R882 Million of irregular expenditure was paid to the connected  tenderpreneurs
  • Tenders to the value of R86 million were awarded irregularly
  • R600 million (73%) of goods and services were received despite the normal processes of governing procurement not being followed.

This is a proof that there is lack of political leadership in Limpopo. Lack of accountability and weak financial controls have aggravated and hampered the services that might encourage more hostile service delivery protests across the province.

According to the AG, quality of the financial statements remain poor at between 92% and 97% of the auditees in Limpopo not providing sufficient records of their financials, pointing to a poor internal control environment at most municipalities.

The DA is deeply concerned about the looting of taxpayers that could have utilized to improve the lives of Limpopo citizens.

The DA believes in government that serves the people, with commitment and dedication to clean governance and financial controls.

The DA urges Premier Mathabatha to take this issue very serious and take actions against officials that are involved in this wasteful expenditure saga.

We must see proper investigations and proper accountability that remove corrupt individuals from office.