Moloto Road of death – Premier Mabuza and Minister Pieters are delaying life-saving upgrades

By James Masango MP, DA Mpumalanga Leader:

The dual projects of upgrading the Moloto Road (R573) and building of the Moloto Rail Corridor as an alternative to the road, are being hopelessly delayed by Mpumalanga and National government’s inaction.

While the ANC governments delay this project, people continue to die on this dangerous road, at the mercy of government’s inaction. Our residents and citizens deserve safe and efficient road networks, upkept through value-for-money maintenance and kept safe by effective traffic control. The DA believes that all South Africans deserve safe roads, yet the ANC continues to deny this to our people.

In a written reply to parliamentary questions posed to Minister of Transport, Dipuo Peters, the minister confirmed that upgrading the R 573 should commence in the 2015/16 financial year, yet the Minister has secured no funding for the Moloto Rail Corridor.

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Premier Mabuza made overconfident promises about approval of the Rail Corridor in his State of the Province Address this year, yet the Premier clearly hadn’t checked the finances.

Only the first phase of the Moloto Rail Corridor had been approved by Treasury, yet it has still been delayed almost indefinitely. We hope that the same fate does not befall the upgrade of the road.

For over 10 years, the ANC has stalled the implementation of the Moloto Rail Corridor. The thousands of possible job opportunities that were supposed to arise from the implementation of the Moloto Development Corridor have never materialised and Mpumalanga has continued to lose its workforce to neighbouring provinces.

While we welcome another commitment to the upgrade of the Moloto Road, as it is vital that the carnage on this road is stopped, it is another promise from an ANC government that continues to break its promises.

The DA will continue to monitor both the establishment of the Moloto Road and the Moloto Rail Corridor and further calls on Sanral to employ locals in the rehabilitation of the road when the project begins.