Money for the poor will pay Eskom

By Jacqueline Theologo, DA Constituency Head:

The Democratic Alliance in Ditsobotla welcomes the Eskom payment plan that was tabled in the Provincial Legislature on 4 June 2015, but will investigate the spending of money that was reserved for services to poor. The DA will not allow the exploitation of poorer communities.

The towns of Coligny, Lichtenburg, Itsoseng and surrounding areas, which are serviced by the Ditsobotla Municipality, are thankful that this plan has been signed, but the DA is still apprehensive that this agreement might not be honoured resulting in the cut off of electricity to the community.

The DA will monitor the situation, but will definitely continue to investigate why the municipality kept defending the arrear debts to Eskom. Ditsobotla initially ignored the amount of the debt, but all of a sudden are compliant in paying.

Ditsobotla municipality agreed to repay an amount of 2.5 million plus the current account on a monthly basis while promising parts of the trench payments received from the Province in the form of the municipal equitable share with that totals an amount of between R10-15million over four payments.

This equitable share is the money received from the NW Province via the Division of Revenue Fund and it is an unconditional grant that is given to all municipalities to meet its socio economic imperatives.

This money enables the municipality to provide for basic services to poor households and to enables the municipality to afford basic administrative services, governance capacity and to perform their core functions.

While residents where paying for their services and electricity the Local Government is silent on the reasons how their money was not used to pay Eskom.